The Sandwich Wrap!!!

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Sarah Kaeck

We are so excited about the Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap.  It was awhile in the making, as we wanted it to be just right for wrapping a sandwich- easy to use, easy to clean and great to look at.  We first we thought that a little bag was the way to go, slip in your sandwich, snacks, a few carrot sticks, but after testing at home we found that bags are hard to clean, especially those little crumbs in the corners.  A wrap was the way to go, but how to keep it together?  The wood bee button surfaced and hemp twine in beautiful colors and it came together.  Then the production question.  How were we going to make these so the button stayed strong and they were easy to assemble.  A few hours around the planning table in the shop and we had it!
The Sandwich Wrap gives you a place to build your sandwich, wrap it keeping your sandwich super fresh with no leaks and a placemat for eating your sandwich on.  Plus, it is so easy to clean- just wipe off with a damp cloth or wash with cool water and a little dish soap if you feel it is necessary.
It is also great for wrapping cheese, baked goods, some veggies, quiche, and more.  The tie makes Bee's Wrap a little more special.