Where to store your Bee's Wraps

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Sarah Kaeck

We were invited to a friend's last week for dinner.  It was raining and so we were stuck inside, although potentially challenging with rowdy boys in a small space, never uninteresting.  My friend is an incredibly creative woman and collector of nature's treasures from smooth river stones to the jaw bone of a fox to owl pellets.  There are sewing, knitting and printing projects to be examined, books to look through and inviting set ups.  On her kitchen counter I found a jar of Bee's Wraps.  They looked so pretty and tidy folded up and stuck in the turquoise jar I had to share them with you.  It was also such a practical way to store the wraps.  I was impressed.
We store our wraps in a drawer with our towels and cloths.  Sometimes they end up in a basket of the counter next to the cloth napkins.  Whether rolled or folded in a drawer, jar or basket they are easy to store.  Just remember to let air dry completely before packing away.  Let us know where you keep your wraps.