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how to make caring for your reusables way easier

Posted on October 10, 2019

We’ve all been there — it’s late, you’re cleaning up after a delicious meal, and struggling to find where to hang all the Bee’s Wrap you just washed. You try draping it over the faucet, the soap dispenser, the blender, maybe even going as far as your shower rod. Whatever works, right?

We know choosing to reduce your single-use plastics can be inconvenient but so, so worth the challenge. That’s why we strived to make the ritual of caring for all the reusables in your life easier with the Bee’s Wrap Drying Rack.

Our most common question at Bee’s Wrap is, “How do I care for my wraps”?

Simply rinse your wraps in cold water with a mild dish soap and drape over your new rack to dry! Once your wraps are done drying, fold them up and store in a drawer or on display in a basket on your counter. 

The best part? As functional and versatile as it is beautiful, the Drying Rack will fit seamlessly in any size kitchen, big or tiny! If you like a clear kitchen counter, disassemble your drying rack and store it tucked away until next time. The Drying Rack folds down to a flat, compact 17” x 2”!

The Drying Rack can be used for more than just your wraps! 

Think: water bottles, coffee pots, wine carafes, mason jars and mugs, cutting boards, kitchen tools, lunch containers, and dish cloths — even pasta and fresh greens!

Shop the Bee’s Wrap Drying Rack here and get creative! Tell us what you’re drying @beeswrap.