Partnering with the Rozalia Project for cleaner oceans

We’re proud to announce our sponsorship with the Rozalia Project for a month long virtual clean-up event!

As part of the 2020 International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), the Rozalia Project and Ocean Conservancy are holding a one month clean-up event from October 1 - November 1. 

A clean ocean is a healthy ocean. Did you know that every single day, plastic entering our lakes and oceans weighs as much as 9 Eiffel towers? That's a lot of plastic! Marine debris both pollutes the waterways and harms the wildlife.

You can make a difference and participate in this annual event in a few different ways!


Organize a small, socially distant clean-up in your neighborhood or at your local waterway. Every little bit makes a difference, and imagine the impact if everyone participated!

At Home

At home, you can learn ways to reduce your waste and decrease your environmental footprint. 

Reach Out

Ask your representatives to make having a healthy, clean ocean a priority.

Together, we can make a difference. You can sign up for the event here and get started!