Saving Bee Habitats

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Bees are in crisis. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, these important pollinators are dying at some of the highest rates ever recorded; a staggering 42 percent of hives in the U.S. collapsed in 2015. 

Pesticide use, habitat loss, climate change, disease — all threaten these incredible, hard-working insects who, along with other pollinators, are responsible for cross-pollinating so many of the world's wild and cultivated species. 

Planting wildflowers in your garden or a portion of your lawn will help attract bees, in turn increasing cross-pollination in your family's vegetable garden or at a neighboring farm. Wildflowers provide bees with nutrition that can last the entire year, equipping bees to fend off disease and pathogens. A little less lawn and a few more flowers means a healthier environment for bees — and ultimately, for all of us.