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Made in the USA with certified organic cotton, responsibly-sourced beeswax, certified organic plant oils, and tree resin. This combination creates a durable, yet pliable wrap that can be used again and again.

Washable, reusable, compostable
Made in Vermont, USA by a certified B Corp
Proudly plastic & silicone free
Washable, reusable, compostable
Made in Vermont, USA by a certified B Corp
Proudly plastic & silicone free
Discover Our Inspiration

Bee’s Wrap® is inspired by bees, nature’s most productive and protective foodies, who use beeswax to store their food. Our patterns celebrate the love story between pollinators and plants and envision a thriving plastic-free planet. Taken together, these prints remind us where our food comes from and where plastic pollution goes.

Customer Reviews

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These are just wonderful. Even with my cold hands they seal nicely around bread and cheese and leftovers and newly-purchased-veggies and (almost) everything. I do not use them for meat or greasy things (well, except cheese) as so often the greasy residue from those are hard to clean fully without hot water— but in so many ways they have freed me from plastic wrap and bags. Especially love the big one for bread (I am a baker and plastic holds in too much moisture, paper lets too much out but this is IDEAL!) The variety pack was a perfect introduction- letting me know which sizes would be most useful in my kitchen (all of them!). Thank you so so much. (PS I have been trying to remember how we stored food before the advent of plastic - I am in my early 60s - I do remember using wax paper for sandwiches and the like, and aluminum foil (it was tin foil initially, I believe) for others. Bees wax on fabric is Brilliant)


Just beginning to use and like the Bee’s Wrap so far.

carol a.

It’s an adjustment but we are finding that the bees wrap works well. I love the idea that we are not wasting plastic.

Bee's Wraps.....

I hadn't seen these in ages, and I had never bought any. I am soooo glad I did. If you're trying to reduce your footprint, these are a very good way to start!

Alexander R.

Don’t know what we ever did without bee’s wrap