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NEW! Our Assorted 5 Pack features three medium and two large wraps to keep your food fresh and kitchen plastic-free! Washable, reusable, and endlessly versatile, these wraps work wonders to store bread and cheese, cover leftovers, and pack snacks without waste.

Full Bloom, Honey Comb, Vegan Meadow Magic and Great Outdoors Packs contain:
  • 3 x Medium Wraps (10" x 11")
  • 2 x Large Wraps (13" x 14")

Forest Floor Pack Contains:

  • 2 x Small Wraps (7" x 8")
  • 2 x Medium Wraps (10" x 11")
  • 1 Large Wrap (13" x 14")

Available in beeswax and vegan plant-based wax formulas. Heads up! Vegan wraps contain coconut and soy.

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Plastic &
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Assorted 5 Pack - Full Bloom


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