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Giving Back Locally

We’re proud to call Vermont home.

Bee's Wrap aims to strengthen and enrich our local community. Each year we set aside financial contributions for causes we believe in and that are close to our hearts and homes. We’ve provided financial support to the Addison County Food Shelf to help feed our neighbors in Vermont. We’ve also donated to VPIRG and 350.org, supporting their activism and political work around climate change.

We’re committed to giving employees the freedom to support the local community and pursue the causes about which they’re passionate. We grant each employee eight hours of paid time off to volunteer every year.

We’ve donated product seconds — wraps that come out of the shop with small flaws but still work perfectly well — to the Champlain Valley and Addison County Solid Waste Management Districts for events, as well as to many local organizations and schools. For instance, in December 2017, we donated 500 wraps to Bristol Elementary School, providing one for every student, teacher, and staff member.


That's the number of seconds we've donated in the last two years to various organizations, schools, and wholesale partners across the US.


That's the average number of boxes of fire starters we donate to the community every week.
(Bee's Wrap fire starters are product scraps that we repurpose as all-natural, long-burning kindling.)