Plastic-Free Packs and Hacks

Plastic-Free Packs and Hacks

Whether your idea of a summer adventure is a picnic in the park, a day hike, or a week-long camping trip one thing is certain: you are going to need food. Check out these Bee’s Wrap tips and tricks to make the most of the days ahead without leaving any waste behind.


There is something about warmer weather and long nights that make a delicious spread on a blanket with friends jump to the top of our summer bucket list. Wondering what to bring on your next picnic? Here are our favorite essentials that always make for a good time!

Bee's Wrap Picnic

  • Bee’s Wrap Sandwich Wraps & Lunch Packs and Assorted 3 Pack: Perfect for wrapping all your yummy goodies.
  • Reusable stainless-steel straws from Mermaid Straw: We love them because each straw is colorful, plastic-free, and comes with a free cleaning brush.
  • Reusable Utensil Kit from To-Go Ware: These reusable bamboo kits have everything you need from fork and spoon to chopsticks! They are also a certified B Corp and part of 1% for the planet like us!

Day Hikes:

There is nothing like immersing yourself into the wilderness and getting out to enjoy nature. The best hikes and adventures always include trailside snacks and a sandwich at the summit. Our favorite Bee’s Wrap items to bring are…

  • Our NEW Snack & Sandwich Bags: great for packing snacks on the go, these bags are super lightweight, pocket-sized, and feature a fold over flap to seal in freshness.

  • DIY Dog Bowl: Perfect for any hike or on the go adventure. Just twist each corner of a Medium or Large Wrap to form the bowl, pour water in, and let your pup enjoy! Once done, just fold it up and pack away for a later us.


DIY Bee's Wrap Dog Bowl


Other hiking reusables we like to pack:

Weekend Camping Trip:

Calling all campers! Whether you are pitching a tent at a campground, national park, or somewhere deep in the backcountry, you have likely planned out all your meals and snacks for your upcoming trip. Your next step is to make sure you have everything you need for a great adventure. Read on for our sustainable camping hacks.

  • ReKindle Fire Starters: Made from upcycled Bee’s Wrap scraps, these make it easy to get your fire going without any plastic or propane. You can turn any well-loved wrap into a natural fire starter by cutting it into strips, twisting it into a ball or wick and carefully igniting it before placing it onto your kindling.  

  • Lunch Pack: With 1 sandwich wrap and 2 medium snack-sized wraps. This pack is the perfect lightweight storage for every meal.

    Bee's Wrap Lunch Pack Camping

    • Swedish Dishcloths For cleaning up around camp. Wash dishes and clean up messes with this reusable, eco-friendly alternative to sponges and paper towels


    Our favorite camping reusables:


    No matter what type of adventure you choose to partake in this summer, we here at Bee’s Wrap wish you a fun outing and look forward to tagging along.

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