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Supporting Healthy Bee Populations

The Bee Cause Project

We’re proud to partner with The Bee Cause Project, an organization that places observation hives in schools around the country. Together we work to empower students, teachers, and community members to experience the wonder, ingenuity, beauty, and power of the honeybee

To date, the Bee Cause has placed hives in 300 schools in 50 states and 4 countries. 

The Bee Cause Project provides children with opportunities to engage, learn from, and understand honey bees in order to connect with the natural environment while developing STEAM skills.

Since 2017, we’ve underwritten three hives, placing one in the North Branch School in Ripton, VT, Bingham Memorial School in Cornwall, VT, and Epstein Hillel School in Marblehead, MA. Read more about the installation of the Bee Cause hive in Cornwall at our blog.

From Wax to Wrap

In addition to partnering with The Bee Cause, we are deeply committed to working with beekeepers that have high standards for healthy beekeeping practices. In our conversations with our beekeepers, we talk about what makes for a vivacious, sustainable bee habitat, from forage quality to pesticide exposure to overwintering practices. Sourcing our beeswax responsibly is crucial to our mission; in supporting thoughtful and sustainable beekeepers, we're supporting healthy hives. Check out the process below!